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About Us

Learn more about who we are and what we do. At AAKAR IAS, our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality products and services. Our team of expert professionals is dedicated to making sure that your experience with us is nothing less than satisfactory

  • Learn more about our mission, values, and team at AAKAR IAS , the ultimate destination for top-notch customer service and quality products. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for each customer, every time.
    AAKAR IAS has a skilled, experienced  team of expert faculties  that includes Basic foundation development to advance line for UPSC , along with regular Evaluation through daily Quizzes, emphasis on Regular Answer writing and Weekly Tests. Along with classroom course, AAKAR IAS also provides good quality, exam oriented and concise Notes for quick revision and targeted Test series for UPSC-CSE/State Civil Services.
  • With the joint efforts of both AAKAR IAS and the student, success is sure and is bound to come.
  • Aakar IAS for Civil Services – India’s Learning Institute with a venerable legacy for highest academic standards, distinguished faculty, illustrious alumni, and modern infrastructure.

Complete solution to GS (Pre cum Mains) for UPSC/PCS – 2023

  • The course provides a strong base for the UPSC IAS Preparation and provides excellent clarity on various topics mentioned inUPSC Syllabus
  • Learn about this online course covers Indian Polity&Governance, Indian Economy with basic principles, Environment & Ecology, Science & Technology, Ancient,Medieval, Modern History, Art & Culture syllabus of civil services Preliminary examination plus covers all the topics from General Studies UPSC Mains paper and offers aspirant excellentconceptual clarity on all the aspect of UPSC syllabus.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the topics with special attention on interlinking of pre – mains, current static with intertwined approach is the main focus of the course.
  • This online course also includes, Budget & Economic Survey, Essay, and Writing Skill Development Sessions.
  • There will be regular tests for the assessment of the aspirants.
  • Once Live Class is over, class will be uploaded into Student’s Account that can be streamed anytime.
  • Miscellaneous Current Affairs Analysis in very simple language is provided to the aspirant  in written format, available to the aspirant in their application .
  • on a merit-cum-means basis. The objective of the scholarship is to encourage and motivate brilliant Future civil services aspirants. The awarded scholarship is up to 100% Fee Reduction for complete Foundation Course and other benefits.

AAKAR IAS refers to specialized training programs designed to help aspiring candidates prepare for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination. The IAS is one of the most prestigious competitive examinations in India, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), with the aim of selecting candidates for top administrative positions in the country.

AAKAR IAS coaching institutes offer comprehensive guidance, study materials, and mentoring to candidates to enhance their chances of success in the IAS examination. These coaching centers have experienced faculty members who provide subject-specific knowledge, exam strategies, and practice tests to help candidates prepare effectively.

The coaching programs typically cover the entire syllabus prescribed for the IAS examination, which includes subjects like history, geography, polity, economics, science and technology, current affairs, and aptitude. They also focus on developing analytical skills, critical thinking, and writing abilities, as these are essential for the examination.

Some coaching institutes also provide personalized attention, doubt-solving sessions, mock interviews, and essay writing practice to improve candidates’ overall performance. They may also offer online classes and study materials for the convenience of students who cannot attend physical coaching centers.

It’s important to note that while joining an IAS coaching institute can be helpful, it is not mandatory for success in the examination. Many candidates have cleared the IAS examination without formal coaching by relying on self-study and online resources. The decision to join a coaching institute depends on the individual’s learning style, resources, and personal preferences.

When considering an AAKAR IAS coaching institute, it is advisable to research the institute’s track record, faculty expertise, success rate, teaching methodology, and student reviews. It’s also essential to assess the affordability of the coaching program and consider factors like location, batch size, and the availability of study materials.

Overall, IAS coaching institutes play a significant role in guiding and supporting aspirants on their journey towards becoming civil servants. However, self-discipline, hard work, and a systematic study approach are equally crucial for success in the IAS examination.

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